All Time Favourites

Step 1: Choose your sauce Step 2: Choose your meat OR vegetable dish. Step 3: Choose rice OR naan bread
Cooked in pure vegetable ghee with tomatoes, onions, ground almonds, coconut, fresh cream, yoghurt & saffron sauce
A smooth & subtle dish, fragrant spices enveloped in a delicious creamy coconut sauce with ground almonds
Cooked with green pepper, spring onions, fresh tomatoes, coriander & medium hot sauce, chef's own style
Garlic Chilli
A spicy dish with generous amounts of fresh garlic, onions & ginger garnished with coriander
A refinement of the bhuna dish, richly spiced with Punjabi herbs, diced onions, peppers & tomatoes
A tasty dish delightfully prepared in a spicy medium sauce with tomato, peppers, onions, ginger, garlic & green chillies
A medium dry dish cooked with garlic, ginger, fenugreek & selected spices, garnished with spinach, peppers, spring onions & coriander
Curry Authentic Indian Style
Hot dish cooked in an authentic Indian style sauce
A very hot dish cooked in an authentic Indian style sauce
Medium strength dish cooked with richly flavoured garlic, pepper & onion sauce
Medium strength dish cooked in a rich aromatic sauce with onions & tomatoes
Rogan Josh
Medium strength dish cooked with the perfect blend of herbs & spices created with garlic & pimento sauce with rich tomato topping
Slightly hot dish cooked with lentils in a sweet & sour sauce
Slightly hot dish cooked with chopped onions, fresh lemon, garlic sauce, slightly hot, sweet & tangy